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             The three main key sources of influence on the development of African American religion were the influences from the African past, borrowings from the patterns of European American culture, and religious responses of African Americans to their subordinate status in a racist and stratified social system. I think that all of these three key sources of influence played big roles in what the African Americans did and what they followed. The first being the Africans past what they were taught from their parents and grandparents. These influences where learned buy spending the little time that they would with their family members. Well not all was learned from them there way only little since African American where dragged from their homes to serve others. They were taken out to different lands and far unheard of places to work and be slaves for the masters. The European American culture also had a great deal of influence on the African Americans but I don't believe as much as the religious aspects of them. The European cultures just slightly influenced by introducing new ideas helping Africa grow. It was extremely hard for the African culture to learn and succeed because they were being forced out of their houses to go and work for others as slaves and many other horrible forms of work with very little or no pay at all. The religious aspect I think is the most influential cause when they"re where left with no choice than to learn and follow the masters religions they learned to follow one and learned to look up to some one that didn't treat them as bad. It was almost a type of a break one would get at work. .
             2. There were five functions that the European American Christianity performed as a tool of the capitalist economic systems exploitation of black labor I will elaborate on two : .
             I. It was a part of the decultration process that the slaves were subjected to after arriving to the Americas.

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