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            Many people use technology and do not even realize it. Cowan states that technology has been around for generations. "Technology has been a fact of human life as long as there have been human lives" (Cowan 1). Technology has a very important role in today's civilization. The majority of the individuals who rely on technology to develop their goals and undertakings have a higher chance of achieving them. Technology has grown in distances and differences, and this has leaded to the advancement of civilization itself.
             Among the many genrations of people that take advantage of technology is the American youth. American teenagers seem to take an interest in modern technology. Teenagers are being exposed to technology everyday. Young Adults are always using electronic equipment and computers. They use computers for the Internet, schoolwork, and other activities. Due to the fact that the students can access a computer anywhere it allows them to take advantage of today's technology. All types of schools have technology for their students. Schools want the students to broaden their minds and increase their knowledge. Working without computers seems fairly difficult to most teens. Robey states there has been much reserach in technology, and because of this, technology is being upgraded continously. "Past experience with information technology can improve future implementation if organizations consciously reflect and learn from it" (Daniel Robey, Marie-Claude Boudreau, Gregory M. Rose 138). Schools are more interested in investing in technology. Schools have set up computer classes with typing courses in order to prepare students for constatly changing technology. .
             Technology branches out in different levels around humanity.Parayi states that technology does have a major role in the world "It is well known that technology has a unique strong impact on the evolutions of societies in many ways, for example the economy, values, personal relations and other aspects are accordingly affected" (Parayi 1).

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