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Students and Advanced Technology

            The word technology just appeared during in 19th century after the discovery of steam power that has changed the old world of human force to the world of machine. Think back what it must have been to live in the 13th century. What do you think you would find? How would you travel to your school? How would you call or email to your mother that you will be late for the dinner? How different all things would be if you were to live in this old world? Many items what you see and touch are the result of technology. Therefore sociologist has defined the word technology is the ways people use their inventions and discoveries to satisfy their needs and desires. Since the development of technology improves intensively, people obtain almost of life's necessities, accessibility and the mass production of goods and services. What is more, it changes the way of student learning in academic field. In a word, it is not possible for students to learn in the absence of teachers, lecturers, books, and chalkboards. Fortunately, on account of technology, comparing to the old school ways of learning, we now can learn and acquire any kind of information much easier and quicker through various ways. The following reasons will assure people of how helpful the technology is to the students in terms of learning and studying.
             Firstly, advanced of technology that can help students get information faster is the application of multimedia in teaching process. In the age of technology, the variations of modern devices are installed into classroom. The teachers will be able to show slides with pictures or videos at a time in a big classroom and good sounding system are played in the class. Teachers are able to interpret faster of what they have prepared to show to their many students in a time. However, in the past time when this technology is not available in classroom, students find themselves difficult to study.

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