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Technology and Education

            Using technology by education, video games specifically, should certainly be implemented. Throughout the history of education, technology has been a vital tool for the advancement of learning. Long ago, charcoal sticks and boards were used for learning. After that, those primitive tools were replaced by pencils and paper. Just as long ago, so too today we are now on the brink of transition from conventional means of education to the new forms of learning via computers and or educational games. So it seems irrational that today's society is tentative about fully incorporating this new transition. This is clearly brought to attention by Pamela Paul in her essay "Reading Writing and Video Games" she states that "Even parents who scoff at the idea of toddlers learning from Dora gleefully boast about their 2-year-olds' having mastered basic math on Mommy's phone". Using technology in accordance with education, video games specifically, is beneficial to the learning process if appropriate measures of moderation are taken.
             Some arguments against technology in education state that playing video games are completely counterproductive to good education and effective, focused learning. They also state that video games distract students from homework and allow for procrastination. My counterargument is simple, granted if a student neglects his/her studies before playing can pose a problem. But if moderation in videogames is applied and through proper prioritization, the benefits of playing video games will be evident in the student's problem-solving skills.
             Through my own personal experience I have seen first-hand both the risks and benefits of playing video games. For example, when I started high school i played and completed the game "dark souls" which has been ranked one of the hardest games to complete on gaming consoles. The sheer difficulty of the game taught me many valuable lessons that can be applicable to real life situations such as patience and persistence.

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