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education and society

             Modern information technology is one of the most distinguished and interesting human inventions in history. Information technology has become a necessary social component is modern academic institutions. It plays a major role in today's academic society with substantial communication and knowledge transformation activities ongoing. By helping people to increase awareness about their environment, information technology improves people's lives through the provision of educational benefits. As a result, life has improved rapidly in recent times. Arguably this generation enjoys better educational opportunities than did those of generations before. There have been many changes and new ideas evolving in the academic world as information technology has become a major factor in influencing educational outcomes. In many academic areas, technology has become the determining consideration behind policy making decisions about education. Information Technology allows academic resources to be mobilized effectively so that more people will have wider access to educational materials regardless of their geographical locations, social status, etc. This approach to learning is often called distance education. Technology can make remarkable contributions to education by helping the educators and learners perform educational activities that help them to achieve their academic goals. .
             Throughout human history education has been one of the most important social contributions. The rich literature, scientific discoveries, space exploration, and geological exploration are just some of the most distinguished human endeavors that have been undertaken over time. Without the noble contributions of education to human society, contemporary societies that exist today might not have been possible. Life today is better than it was a hundred years ago because of the benefits received from science exploration. Science has played major roles in society.

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