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Brown vs. the Board of Education

            In the text, "Two Cheers for Brown V. Board of Education," author Clayborne Carson shares his explicit opinions as to the actual effectiveness of the all-famous civil rights case Brown V. Board of Education. Seeing from the first sentence of the text that the initial overall concept of this text is to express Carson overall opinion. As the readers moves forward in the text they start to see how Carson starts to develop this idea by giving the reader a historical look on what actually happened because of the result of this case, and the racial dilemmas that came with it. The historical background are an effort from the author to show the reader that this famous case which has been made to look like a positive thing did not do to much to actually help the African American people as much as the popular belief thought it did, showing that this case had many downfalls and that the struggle for the segregation of school was still one that had to be fought for many of years to come. .
             This case has brought many skeptical occurrences such as small protest, which happened during the decade of 1954 and also was the direct result of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and also the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The reader then starts to see that the good intentions of this case brought up problems that were beyond the topic of education. When starting to get deeper into the text the reader starts to see how the author use of supporting facts start to sway the reader to think more deeply as to why it took so long to achieve this major goal of the segregations of schools, the author shows the person reading how our state and local authorities responded to this case such as wanting to bring the revival of relentless organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, and also the harassment of organizations such as the NAACP. Then seeing the efforts made by the white residents of the country to try and desegregate schools by not sending their children to predominantly black schools.

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