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Brown vs. Board of Education

             Through my research I plan to explain that?.
             The Board of Education desegregated schools nationwide/ if it had not been for this important case, the education of African-Americans and other minorities would have been different from today because of the poor materials that blacks had received, the old decaying buildings that they were in, and the lack of teachers that taught them.
             THE CAUSE.
             It began in February 1843, when a group of four white men from Virginia, performed a song and dance act in New York City. These men applied black cork to their faces and imitated Negro singing and dancing. This act was so popular, that the group was invited to tour in other cities. Of course, imitators arouse everywhere, and the popular sing and dance was named Jim Crow.
             After the Reconstruction years, blacks and whites often rode in the same railway cars, ate in the same restaurants, and shared the same public facilities. The urban black communities increased and the black labor force presented a new challenge for the whites, who couldn't control these communities in the same way they could control their rural counterparts. There was a more direct competition for jobs than there was in the countryside, and there was a danger of social mixing. .
             In an effort to restore white supremacy, the Jim Crow laws came into play. In 1883, The Supreme Court began to strike down the foundations of the post-Civil War Reconstruction, declaring the Civil Rights Act of 1875 unconstitutional. The Court also allowed private organizations to legally practice segregation. Eventually, state legislation could discriminate against blacks. In 1896, the Supreme Court legitimized the principle ofseparate but equal?. These high court rulings led to a profusion of Jim Crow laws. By 1914, every Southern state had passed laws that created two separate societies; one white and the other black.
             Southern States only paid 43 dollars per year for each black student while they paid 179 on white children during theseparate but equal? era.

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