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Brown vs. Board of Education

             I think the brown v board of education series still exist to this day because as from my experiences, I can see that it quite did work. One reason would be that More African Americans and Hispanics can now get into the colleges of there choice. Recent I apply to a college which is mainly all white. Now if I would have done before the brown v Board of education trial, I would have been denied. So I am thankful for that and also for the trial. Moreover, you would need certain requirement anyway so that would not matter. .
             Another reason why I think the Brown v Board of Education have worked is because now in today's world, African American are able to obtain businesses and jobs with their master degree. Although this ties in with the College part but usually back in time, African Americans were not even able to go to the same hi school as the whites. Grandfather went through this crisis and still is living today. He was self-taught in his home how to read and write due to that he could go to a white hi school. So if the Brown v Board of Education trial came up a little sooner, he would have been living a better life than he's living now although, his lifestyle today isn't bad.
             Lastly, I feel that I more secure in school now today then I would have been if I were living during that time. One reason would be that I and other people are able to communicate peacefully to one another without calling each other names. Another reason is that you would be as threatened in today's society as it was back then. What I mean by that is you are still threat by a few people but back then, White did not get along with blacks and you had the KKKs out there too.
             In conclusion, The Brown v Board of Education does work in today's society. We have come along way an d made such improvement although, there is still room for more! .

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