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Philosophy Of Education

             As an educator, my mission is to empower every student to learn, to achieve success, and to participate responsibly to his/her fullest potential, in a multicultural, global society. As an educator of young children, I strive to ensure that they receive the best possible education, enabling them to become valued contributing members of society by offering them an education, excellent in all aspects, in which God, His Truth, His Life and His Love are intrinsic to the entire curriculum and life of the school.
             Education is a developmental process involving the whole child and the school has a responsibility to address the academic, spiritual, social, physical and emotional needs of the students. I believe that all students when given the opportunity to learn through active participation can succeed academically. I feel children should be encouraged to value themselves and to trust in themselves as learners, and that all learning should be inclusive. Keeping in mind the "multiple intelligence" of the learner, education should provide active experiences through which children create and develop tools for lifelong learning. I feel this approach to learning fosters independence of thought and emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking.
             As a Catholic school and community built on Gospel Values and the love of learning, our duty is to foster an environment that promotes the acceptance of differences and compassion towards others. A community which follows the Gospel message to love others and ourselves, to act justly, to forgive others, to listen compassionately, and to support students in their pursuits. Our schools need to assist all of us to meet the person of Jesus each day and to invite one another to grow in relationship with Him. An integral part of our mission as Catholic schools is to teach our students about our faith and our traditions, to create opportunities for both our students and our staff to grow in their faith and to invite them to live their lives in accordance with the Gospel.

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