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Philosophy of Education

            In Education, I feel that each and every child should be considered as a unique individual. Children need secure, stimulating and caring atmospheres so that may grow maturely, intellectually, physically and socially. This is one of the main reasons I have chosen to become a teacher. Employers usually search for certain skills, qualities, talents in characteristics when looking for potential teachers and I feel that I possess many. I am a very organized individual; I have a lot of patience and experience in dealing with fast paced and stressful environments. I have a true passion for teaching and children, early childhood education allows me to channel back to my childhood and make children excited about education. I have a work ethic that does not quit and a strong willingness to reflect. With that being said, I have a true understanding of being able to ask myself why things went the way that they did, both on good days and bad days. .
             The purpose of developing an educational philosophy is that it defines the purpose and focus of an educational institution. It typically becomes a part of the mission statement which defines which subject material is being taught. An institutional philosophy is also able to how subjects are taught and most importantly the values that are taught along with the subjects being covered. I feel that teaching beliefs are tied to teaching behaviors are very minimal and as the educator becomes more experienced they become less sensitive. .
             Beliefs About Learners and Teachers.
             I believe that students learn best when they are introduced to multiple intelligences. In Chapter 2, Howard Gardner discusses multiple intelligences. "Garner identified eight kinds of intelligence, not all of which are commonly recognized in school settings. Gardner believes that his theory of multiple intelligences more accurately captures the diverse nature of human capability"(Sadker & Zittleman, p.

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