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Philosophy of education

             Passions in life are important to follow. I want to touch the lives of children so they know how special they are when they leave my classroom. I know how all children are different so my classroom is going to be like a quilt. Every student and teacher will be a patch on the quilt. We will all be different but when sewn together we will have a collective meaning. We will be working together as one even though we are all different. Every person can add his or her own personal touch.
             Having a classroom community is necessary. I want my students to know that they each play their own role in the classroom. Having a place where the students feel safe and like they belong is my main goal. I want to be a role model for my students, a person they can trust. .
             In teaching it is important that the students work together, each to their own ability. I want them to have a hand in their education. I will be a guide for what they are learning and experiencing in the classroom and in the world of knowledge. .
             Differentiated learning is essential because all students have different learning styles. Catering to these children's different learning styles is key in helping them to learn and giving them that desire to learn. In this way, constructivism can be such an asset to a child's education.
             Including the outside community in my classroom will be a great opportunity for others to teach the students with their own experiences or passions in life. Parents are extremely important to include in their child's education.
             As a teacher I hope to grow with every new experience. I am open to new ideas and learning strategies. My goal is to help the students learn and enjoy their education. I will only be one piece of the quilt and I know that I will be able to learn from all of the other pieces no matter who they may be.

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