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Personal Philosophy of Education

            My teaching philosophy is that in order to have an exciting, welcoming and cooperative classroom the following ideas and practices must be taken into consideration. Teaching strategies must be effective and engaging to provide the highest level of learning and the most inviting atmosphere for both students and families alike. Appropriate organization and utilization of space is important to create a learning environment where materials are accessible and the schedule and routines are predictable. I also cannot stress enough, the importance of strong family-teacher relationships. Families can provide the best insight into a student and should be a welcomed addition to any classroom. In order to have an effective learning environment for children, goals must be set, families must be involved, curriculum must be hands on and child directed, appropriate assessment and documentation must be conducted in order to further the curriculum and the learning in the classroom. .
             A classroom designed for the highest level of engagement and effectiveness is one in which the children are a part of the designing, one that is neat and well organized for optimal learning, and one in which children and families feel comfortable enough to achieve the highest level of learning possible. It is key to remember that the space must not be over designed, and must allow for creative play and redesigning by the children. If the space is rigid, the children will be limited in their play. The space in a classroom essentially defines the children and the values of children and education; it refers to the physical features of the room in which one lives or works with children and the inherent values about children and their education that are revealed throughout the space. Environment takes space a step further and is the way the space is lived in, dressed up, and designed over time (Wurm, 2005). There should be specific learning areas and optimal traffic flow to ensure accessibility and safety.

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