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Philosophy on Education

             In examining my commitment to education, one must look at what the student in the educational system should be equipped with when he leaves it. The chief purpose of education is to train the mind. As an educator, I must skillfully interweave values with knowledge so students will be able to make choices. These choices include responsibilities to those around them and to themselves. Students must leave the educational system prepared for a productive work life they feel comfortable with and challenged by. They must possess the tools to participate in a democracy as an effective and informed citizen. They must be challenged to continually develop as an individual with a growing appreciation of the arts and culture around them. Lastly, they must be prepared to participate in a culturally diverse society.
             My responsibility as an educator is to use the most appropriate methods and techniques that will enable my students to flourish in society. I look to the Socratic style and remember that man's fundamental duty is to pursue knowledge. Teaching is most effective when the teacher himself is a learner. He enables students to pursue truth and provides students with techniques too question answers and to answer questions. His mission as a teacher is to arouse, persuade and provide approaches that will enable students to know what is true, what is real and what is good.
             My classroom would foster an environment where safety, trust, respect, support and high expectations are present for all students. They are given time and encouragement to try out, to refine, make changes and to take risks in their learning encounters. Believing in themselves is the first step towards their success. What may be fair for one student is not necessarily fair for another; it is based upon the need of the individual. I also believe that parents have the right to be involved in their children's education.

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