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A Good Life

             There are many opinions as to what the so-called "good life" is. Some people believe that the good life is attainable through education, while others believe that following a rule of conduct would leave you leading the "good life." Still others say that being truly happy will allow you to live a good life. There are many questions that arise when trying to answer the question of "What is the good life and how can it be attained." The peoples of India, and China, along with the Greek followers of Plato would each have their own view of what the good life means to them based upon their different philosophical views.
             India's major religion was derived from the word, "Hindu." This word refers to the way of life for a diverse social and religious group. A person that follows Hinduism acknowledges the Scriptures, believes in one God called Brahman, follows Karma, which means good deeds, and Dharma, which is the rule of conduct. Alson, the belief of reincarnation is crucial to the caste system and religion. The fundamental nature of this belief is based on the individual, not a society as a whole.
             Hindu philosophy can provide its followers with answers to many questions such as, what does it mean to live a good life? How should we live our lives? In Hinduism, to live a good life is to recognize oneself with Brahman and connect with it through knowledge, service and dedication. This includes worship at the temple, reading of the sacred texts such as the Vedas, Smritis, Tantras and Puranas and meditating to discover the "inner self". The question of how we should live our lives can be answered through following Dharma. It is a Hindu's duty to cleanse their individual "self", also called a jiva-atman.
             In the Liberal Learning Statement it states that, "it is required that we understand the foundations of knowledge about culture and society and that we master core skills of perception, analysis, and expression.

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