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Racism and Current Events

            When you turn on the TV each afternoon there is multitude of news thrown at you; ranging from the war in Iraq, what The Kardashians ate for dinner, or anything else America considers a crisis. If you would have turned on your tv on Sunday March 8th you would have seen a story that sent chills and anger across the nation. That morning a video was aired on Good Morning America that was leaked from a charter bus that transported members of University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter and their dates to an event. .
             The chapter was then banned from the University of Oklahoma's campus and other Greek chapters were also being investigated. If you Google this story you will find numerous blog posts and webpages expressing their outrage about the whole situation, many of them pointed out greek life as a whole rather than a specific person or chapter. The blame of the negative press is not on the people delivering the news or writing their opinions, it is on the few people who made a decision in which they would talk about it. I understand how it would look to someone who is not part of Greek life, but this is something that just happened to one chapter. Bad press is probably greek lifes worst nightmare. There are over 9 million Greek members nationally in America and 43 out of 50 America's largest corporations are led by members of a Greek organization. .
             So what happened to SAE at Oklahoma? There was a video on Good Morning America leaked from the bus ride to an event. The video had two members of the chapter chanting racial slurs and comments. The video had the two men saying, "There will never be a nigger in SAEYou can hang him from a tree, but he'll never sign with me, there will never be a nigger in SAE." The chant was recorded by a date of one of the chapter's members and the video leaked to a local news station, who then leaked it to Good Morning America. The video caused the two students to get expelled from the school, and the chapter to be kicked off campus.

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