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             The period that occurs after the Civil War is known as the Reconstruction. During this period of time many people suffered in the south. There was a great amount of property damage done to farms, factories, and railroads. Many other foundations were destroyed that citizens depended upon to keep their economy strong. Some economic hardships included destruction of the credit system and worthlessness of the Confederate money. In the south, Reconstruction meant rebuilding the economy, establishing new state and local governments and a new social structure between whites and newly freed African Americans. .
             The period of reconstruction demanded that African Americans were given their freedom, civil rights, and the opportunity for economic freedom, education and the right to vote. These ideas of African American equality, that most talked about. Aspects of radical reconstruction, and violence were one of the means used to undermine Reconstruction. "The reason for this is that the South was humiliated and degraded by Reconstruction." (Current, pg.76) The Southerner felt degradation over the new order and the new rebellion of the South began. Within the context of the South, beaten in war, where murder, disorganization and military rule is the new order, violence becomes the only answer. Violence was the direct result of the South's racist attitude and it was an important part of the Southern atmosphere. Self-preservation became the key to saving the South and violence became the means to its freedom. Racism and violence have proved to be both related factors in American society. The Southern white ideas expressed certain propositions about the black man in society. The vast majority of southern whites simply took it for granted that the black race would remain lesser than the white in every respect. .
             Dealing with almost every aspect of the Freedman's existence, the black codes in some states confined the African American's land ownership to the country, and in other states to the towns.

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