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The Good Life

             Living a good life is a view that has changed through ages. What is really a good life has been the question that has been tossed around. What makes the good life? Is it happiness? Maybe it is spiritual love and closeness. It could be on possession. A good life for right now is to be able to have a happy life. For most the happy life is having a family, good job, and money, or just having money and a good job. Are society shows us what we should do and should not to do live a happy life. Has a good life been the same that it is right now? The only way that we can look on how people felt about living their lives is by the text that was written for us to read. There are three good books that talk about living a good life. These books are The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, St. Augustine Confessions, and The Politics by Aristotle.
             The Canterbury Tales was a book that was written by Geoffrey Chaucer. This book had stories by many travelers that Chaucer went on a trip with. The Bath of Wife shows the women perspective on how life should be. She was considered to be the most outspoken of the travelers. The Wife of Bath has been married five times and is currently searching for another man to marry on the trip. The Wife of Bath was a strange individual. She kind of seems to have problems that she has not dealt with. She was quoted to love sex and did not care for what others thought. She also seemed to have a temper with her. You see this when see talks about her fifth husband. When she got mad at him she stuck back and tore pages out of her husband book. The Wife of Bath is opinionated and lively, and her tale which centers around the question "what do women want?" promotes her view that women wish to have authority over men. To her, if you want to achieve the good life you would need to make sure that you are happy and also you are in control. I think the Wife of Bath would not be against too many things in today's society if women were at least more involved.

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