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Dorcas Good

            Rose Earhart, Dorcas Good, The Diary of a Salem Witch (New York: Pendleton Books, 2000).
             Dorcas Good is a novel in diary form. The main purpose of the novel is to chronicle four-year-old Dorcas Good's time in a Salem jail, held for witchcraft. It also follows her through early adulthood, showing some of the hardships that she faced, mainly as a result of her witchcraft accusation and the harsh treatment she received from her father.
             Dorcas Good was accused of witchcraft soon after her mother was accused of the same crime, in early 1692. Before she was accused, Dorcas had to endure being sexually and physically assaulted by her father. She had also spent much of her time going door to door, with her mother, begging the residents of Salem for food, or for clothing. According to the novel, the young girl was arrested at home, and her own father encouraged the town sheriff to take her into custody. Dorcas's problems seemed to snowball at this point. She was sent to jail to await trial for witchcraft. She ended up next to her mother in jail. Her mother's punishment for being a witch was to be hanged. Dorcas stayed in the jail long after her mother was taken away and punished. .
             Dorcas was finally released to her father's custody, only after spending over seven months in the dark jail, chained to the wall, and being held down by heavy weights. The novel skips ahead to her teen years, she had become a prostitute, her father selling her nightly to the local men or traveling seamen. Her father continued to physically and sexually abuse her, while making his living off of her prostitution. Dorcas was a miserable girl with no way out. Eventually she used her mind to communicate with her deceased mother, in a cave under Gallows Hill. Dorcas also used her mental powers to help the trapped souls, from the witchcraft hangings, find peace. Upon doing that she committed suicide by drowning herself.

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