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The Salem Witch Trials

             The Salem Witch Trials.
             During the late sixteen hundreds some of the most atrocious and controversial events took place in Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials have many theories to how the fears and accusations began, what happened to the accused, and how it was all finally put to rest.
             During the seventeenth century, Religion was a way of life. Unlike today, it was not even feasible to not believe in God. God ruled the courts and everyday way of life. The way the citizens of Salem lived, was by signs from God. When sickness, bad weather, or even luck, were threatened or going badly it was because the citizens of Salem were not being virtuous enough. This was the perfect setup for the Salem Witch Trials to begin. When the town was in turmoil between citizens who wanted to stay and wanted to leave, accusations began. Fingers were pointed in every direction regardless of social status, race, gender, or age. .
             The new reverend, Samuel Parris, was disputed quite frequently by the townsfolk; he was on the verge of possibly being thrown out of the church. Ironically it was his daughter who was the first to be "afflicted" by witchery. Many dispute over whether or not this is coincidence, or a way for the Reverend to begin punishing those who did not attend church or those who were against him. Nonetheless the Salem hysteria began with Betty Parris. It is said that she was often greatly bored and loved to listen the folktales of the family slave, Tituba. Tituba is said to have told stories of white magic and unworldly beings, stories she brought from her home country, Africa. Soon a gathering of young girls would listen to Titubas extravagant tales. Reverend Parris began to notice Betty acting erratically, carrying on tantrums and random screams. After a visit to Dr. Griggs, it was diagnosed that Betty was bewitched. Soon after, her cousin Abigail began to show the same symptoms.

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