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salem witch trials

            "More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft- the Devil's Magic - and twenty were executed" (Source A). Twenty innocent people were executed in Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693 all due to Children who made false accusations.Unfortunately, the people of Massachusetts were to blind by fear and their religion to give these helpless people a chance to live, they had no say in whether they got to live or not these poor souls never had a chance. Fear does strange things to people. THESIS goes here.where you state your opinion.
             This tragedy began on January 1692 when three young girls started having "fits." "They would scream, mutter strange sounds, bark like dogs when addressed, become unable to concentrate on tasks given, and contort themselves into "impossible positions." (Source B). This may seem like an insidious act but, the problem with this is the girls doing this were mere children. Two of the young girls were Nine and the other one was Eleven. Since when do adults believe what children say? Since when do they believe little kids so much that they are willing to end more than one life? The girls so happen to put the blame on the Lowest people in society these people who are apparently "witches." Now, one woman does happen to confess saying, "The Devil came to me and bid me serve him" (Document B). But honestly, if she did make a bid with the Devil do you really think she would of gotten caught? If it even was her that would mean she was the only one causing the inconsiderate girls to do outrageous acts. Thankfully, the other two women were able to get released. But, this issue sparked a whole new fire.
             After the first problem paranoia began and fingers were being pointed left and right. Fear took over the towns people and made them blind to reason. Fear is very powerful and can make a person believe anything or do evil acts they never thought of before.

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