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Short Story - Shattered Flames

            The sound of excitement echoed through the empty hollow house, with a wonderful zeal of tired hope, at last we had found a place to settle down and call home. Moving four times in less than two years, with an energetic, hormonal teenage son and a toddler that refused to stay still for a second, was definitely a task tying to keep under control, alongside of dealing with the rigorous problems of staying on top of things. Settling in the new home and arranging things in a orderly manner that would suit everyone's purpose was accomplished in no time with the help of everyone, leaving extra time for me to take care of unfinished business an relax on the sofa with my favorite television program. Rather than wait for my husband to be included in a wide-range layoff in all departments on his job, for fear that the same situation we had just undergone would happen again, and being almost penniless not able to afford the financial demands of family and household, I was determined to look for employment close to home in the event that our financial circumstances would quickly change for the worst. Surprisingly, luck was on my side and the chance for a employment crawled before me on both knees, even though it had been some years since I had worked inside an office environment, my experience paid off and the life of a domestic house wife was put to rest as I jumped to the occasion and started to work immediately. .
             The walk to work was approximately ten minutes at most, and that was on a bad day, this allowed me to arrive at work on time, punctuality being an important policy of the company gave me favorable notches in my work ethic with upper management. The nice thing about this job which was in walking distance was, that you could see my house clearly when standing in front of the job site, and that made time for good jokes with everyone when standing outside at break time. The job was tiring at first; nevertheless I caught on quickly and adjusted to the work surroundings in the first month, as if I had been there for years.

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