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The Murders of Ted Bundy

             Murder is the most malicious crime a society can commit. Yet, what is it that makes a serial killer? Could it be the loss of parental guidance, family life, peers, constant rejection? In this case it was all of the above. Ted Bundy was nothing like the average serial killer. The public basically knew him as the "boy next door." However, the public did not know what feelings Bundy was bottling up. .
             On November 24, 1946 Eleanor Louise Cowell gave birth to Theodore Robert Cowell in Burlington, Vermont at the Elisabeth Luna Home for Unwed Mothers. Soon after this she moved back home to live with her parents and Ted in Philadelphia. There, Ted was told that his birth mother was his older sister and that his grandparents were his parents. While living in Philadelphia Ted grew up as an ordinary child. However, it is thought that his beloved grandfather could have possibly abused him. .
             When Ted turned four his mother had his name legally changed to Theodore Robert Nelson. At that point they both moved to Tacoma, Washington where Eleanor met her soon to be husband. After only living in Tacoma a year, Eleanor married John Bundy. "Johnnie" was a short, shy Army chief in a working class society. Ted never really grew close to him, and referred to himself as a Cowell. .
             As a child Ted was extremely shy and often teased by other children. Following this humiliation, Ted easily lost his temper. In high school the torment ceased. Although, he did find out about being illegitimate with his .
             cousins" help. From then on Ted was thought of as well dressed and exceptionally well mannered. However, he was taken under suspicion for many crimes, leading to a juvenile record. Still Ted, maintaining a B average, never had much of a social life, leaning his interests more into politics and skiing.
             In 1965 Bundy received a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound where he studied a year.

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