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Theodore Robert Bundy

             Theodore Robert Bundy was born an illegitimate child to Louise Cowell on.
             November 24, 1946 in a home for unmarried mothers in Vermont. The identity of his.
             father is still unknown. Teds grandparents told neighbors that he was their adopted.
             child, though they treated him as if he was their own. He grew up believing that his.
             grandmother was his mother (he thought he was just a "late baby")and grandfather his.
             father and his actual birth mother to be his sister. It wasn't until 1969 when Ted went to.
             Vermont to find his birth certificate that he discovered his true parentage.
             Ted was an oversensitive and self-conscious child who had the usual.
             daydreams of fame and wealth. He often fantasized about becoming adopted by the.
             cowboy star Roy Rogers. At an early stage he became a thief and habitual liar. He got.
             fairly good grades in school, became an enthusiastic Boy Scout, and later became an.
             excelled skier. As a teen he was shy and sensitive. Ted fell in love with a fellow.
             student named Stephanie Brooks whom was beautiful, sophisticated, and came from a.
             wealthy background; they later became engaged. To impress Stephanie and her.
             family, Ted attended Stanford University where he studied Chinese. He couldn't.
             handle it, he was lonely, emotionally immature, and had poor grades. Stephanie.
             worried of his immaturity and broke off the engagement. .
             He then worked at a Seattle crisis center where he counseled the depressed, the.
             alcoholic, and the suicidal. Later he took a job working for the Crime Commission and.
             Department of Justice Planning. In 1973 he began to study law at the University of.
             Puget Sound in Tacoma. Stephanie then met up with him again and was deeply.
             impressed by the new "high-powered" Ted in which they talked of marriage again and.
             spent Christmas together. After Christmas, Ted then dumped her as she did him. Ted.
             excelled at his studies and increasingly became more and more involved in local.
             politics continuing to work on and off for political campaigns.

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