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Ted Bundy

            Ted Bundy Brian Plourde Professor Herring Criminology May 1, 2000 The name Theodore Bundy, more commonly known as Ted Bundy, is a household name. Not only is Ted Bundy a household name, it is one that sends chills through the bodies of those who hear it mentioned. This bone gnawing effect is felt more so through those who have daughters away from home, in college. For over two decades now, the mentioning of his name has gotten this exact reaction and will continue to do so for decades to come. Over the course of his killing career, Ted Bundy made himself one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, while going undetected for years. "He hid his murderous 'hobby' from all those who knew and loved him," (Faces of Ted 1). He was a very deceiving man, through his actions, his speech, everything about him. It was very easy for Ted to deceive his victims. "He was described at various times as the perfect student, a genius, as handsome as a movie idol, a sensitive psychiatric social worker, and 'a young man for whom the future could surely hold only success'," (Sears 1). All of these are traits that are incredibly dangerous in a serial killer. Serial killings have been one of the most terrifying, violent crimes in the United States for a great deal of time now. Serial killers "Typically commit their murders over a considerable span of time - sometimes years," (Serial Killers). Serial murderers tend to have a bit of down time between murders. They also tend to target a certain type of victim and commit their murders in similar places (Serial Killers). "Serial murder has become one of the central concerns in homicide investigation- (Keppel 3). There are two distinct reasons for this. One is because it happens so frequently. The other is because it befuddles investigative agencies with its unique problems (Keppel 3). Ted Bundy grew up in what today's society would call "a dysfunctional home.

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