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serial killers

            One of the most frequently asked questions in murder cases is what drove a person to commit such a crime? What allows killers to think the way they think behave the way they behave act the way they act? Could it be the way that person is brought up, and how the killer person was raised? Or does it have more to do with biological design of the human mind? Could certain people simply have a certain type of behavior coursing through their veins? How does one explain the behavior of a serial killer? Such factors as ones environment, upbringing, and treatment lead them to become who they are today.
             Most serial killers can be placed in one of two categories: the psychopath and the psychotic. Psychotics are clearly insane, and fail to perceive reality correctly. Most psychotics are the people who say they hear voices in their heads, or that there are demons trapped inside their body. However, very few serial killers fall into this category. Most serial killers have an elaborate scheme, or method of going about things. They think things through evaluate what the situation could bring to them. This stems from a long line of abuse, intolerance, and dysfunction during their early childhood years. In the respect that their actions are so well thought out, so very carefully planned, many people may even go so far as to view certain serial killers as geniuses. These types of serial killers would fall under the "psychopath" category. A psychopath, also known as a sociopath, does not suffer from a mental illness, where in their biology and genes have nothing to do with the way they are. A psychopath, rather, suffers from a severe form a character flaw resulting mostly on the way they were brought up, their environment and the way they were treated [mistreated] by their family who brought them up. Another thing to know about psychopaths is the majority of the time, they realize the crime they are committing is wrong.

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