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Serial Killers

            Thesis: Serial killers are very sick and distraught compared to others; this is greatly contributed to their awful mental psychology and their desire to inflict physical harm to other human beings. .
             I. Introduction.
             a. What is a Serial Killer? .
             b. Characteristics of Serial Killers.
             c. Beliefs why serial killers kill.
             II. What is a serial killer?.
             a. Background Information About Serial Killers.
             b. Typical Description of Serial Killers.
             c. Examples of Famous Serial Killers.
             III. Characteristics of Serial Killers.
             a. Genetics.
             b. Family History/Childhood Abuse and Neglect.
             c. Violence in Society.
             d. Psychological Problems.
             e. Alcohol Abuse.
             IV.Types of serial killers.
             a. Visionary motive killers.
             b. Mission-oriented killers.
             c. Thrill oriented killers.
             d. Lust killer.
             V. What serial killers think of what they do .
             a. What they want to accomplish.
             b. Reminders for killers.
             VI What victims face.
             a. What Makes a Serial Killer.
             b. Characteristics of Serial Killers.
             c. Personal Opinion of What Makes a Serial Killer .
             The Reason Serial Killers Kill.
             The number of serial killers is growing at an increased rate. People who go on "killing sprees" are considered to be serial killers. A serial killer is a man or a woman that has killed a number of people and generally, there is no tie between the people they murder. A serial killer kills because he likes to kill. There are no set characteristics that make up serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer for example, did not grow up in a violent society and that is supposed to be a reason that people begin to kill. Dahmer had a nice, family orientated environment and society that he grew up in(Hickey 95). The question still remains: why do serial killers kill? Researchers today have developed a list of reasons behind serial killings. Some think that serial killers kill due to a chemical imbalance or because their genetic make-up is .
             slightly altered. Others disagree saying that serial killers kill because of childhood memories of abuse they .

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