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Dahmer-serial killers

            The United States produces more serial killers than any other country. Up to 85 percent of these killers come from America. Female serial killers account for only eight percent in America. Surprisingly worldwide women make up 76 percent of the population of serial killers. One infamous serial killer in the USA is Jeffery Dahmer, who had many characteristics and motivations behind his crimes.
             Statistically, the average serial killer is a white male from a lower to middle class background. Usually between his 20s and 30s. Many have been physically or emotionally abused by their portents. Very few serial killers are produced from adoption. As children there are many red flag behaviors, known as triad symptoms. Examples of this are when a child sets fires, tortures animals, and wets the bed until a very late age. .
             Many of these killers are very intelligent and have shown great promise in becoming successful professionals. Experts say the motives of a serial killer are personal; they enjoy being elusive and crave the stardom that comes with their crimes. They are not apologetic, unless it is to further manipulate the situation to their advantage. Their ego and love for the limelight encourages them to exaggerate and confess to killings they did not commit. Many may want to be grouped with other notorious killers and do not want to be upstaged. According to most experts" opinions these sadistic killers cannot stop. Popular opinion amongst experts is that if there is a stop in the killings more than likely the killer has died, moved, found inspiration for an unrelated crime. Quite possibly they may even have been imprisoned or on parole for one of their other said crimes.
             According to Mike Rugtigan, professor of Criminology at San Francisco State University, "Typically serial killers keep on killing until they are caught. Serial murders are an addiction to these guys. It starts as an urge, then it becomes a compulsion, and eventually it becomes an addiction.

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