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Serial Killers

            "What Makes a Serial Killer?" By La Donna Beaty.
             Preface: I am writing this essay to discuss one of the points made in the essay, by La Donna Beaty, "What Makes a Serial Killer?". My essay will explore one of the points she makes in reference to the possible cause and effect relationship of what makes a serial killer. In her essay, Beaty contends that one possible cause is the "family atmosphere into which the serial killer is born." (Beaty 182) She gives as evidence, situations such as being psychologically abused as children, having poor relationships with the male figures in their lives, being rejected or neglected by their parents, and moving repeatedly, however I do not agree with this point. Simply having a poor family environment or being abused in any manner cannot cause you to become a serial killer. In my essay, I will make use of arguments from the heart, as well as, value-based decisions as to why I do not agree with the author's point of view.
             Many people have not experienced an emotionally unhealthy childhood, however they have gone on to lead a well balanced productive life as an adult. We cannot possibly believe that the result of an unhappy or abused childhood is the sole result, which leads an individual down the path to become a serial killer. The real question is what other factors help to create these seriously demented beings. There is a great deal to consider when investigating the background of serial killers. Some argue that they were abused in their childhood. Most would agree that this is nothing more than a copout for an extremely mentally disturbed person. In the essay, "What makes a Serial Killer", La Donna Beaty provides several theories as to how the relationships of childhood has affected and ultimately produced such abnormal behavior. According to Beaty's essay, she claims that there are several makings of a serial killer, and it is often thought to be the results of an abused childhood or dysfunctional family atmosphere.

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