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Building a Successful Life

            Some people believe that wealth and fame are hallmarks of success. For others, success is measured not by one's net worth but by one's self-worth. By knowing two things, who you are and what you want. You are primed to enjoy a successful life. Then you will create your successful life by imagining a vision of the future. I would like to share three things that will help me to discover who I am. And those are my values, my beliefs and being persistence to pursue my goal. .
             First, my values, successful people live by a set of values. Values are my core thoughts and feelings about myself and about life, which lead me to make decisions and to act in a certain way based on those thoughts and feelings. For example, you may identify with the value of honesty. You will tell the truth because you think that lying is wrong. You will feel betrayed when a person you trust lies to you. You will take action to correct a mistake rather than covering up the error or blaming someone else.
             Secondly, my beliefs, growing from values are attitudes about myself, other people, situations or ideas. My beliefs have a strong impact on my behavior, both negative and positive affect how I will behave. Negative beliefs such as "I cannot do math." If you truly believe that you cannot do math, you do not put forth the needed effort to try to understand mathematical concepts, and as a result, you fail. The effect, the belief comes true because you believe it to be so. In fact, positive beliefs are just as powerful as negative beliefs. The difference is that positive beliefs, sting you to action and stimulate you to make progress. They allow you to focus on an objective, take the steps needed to achieve that goal, and pursue that target with persistence and confidence.
             In addition, William Shakespeare once said "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

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