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Laws Of Life

            For every person, life's lesson are learned from the day they are born all the way up until the day that they die. Small babies and toddlers learn from their parents, siblings, and whomever else that they are exposed to. They learn to crawl, say a few words, and they learn to behave when they have had a spanked. When school starts they learn colors, to count to ten, and the alphabet. .
             Then, after a while, that day comes when they learn that not everyone is trustworthy, and that there are people in the world that hurt others. For some, this is learned quicker than for others. Whether it is a friend that treats them poorly or a parent that can't deal with his or her problems without hurting someone, the time comes in life when many lessons are learned. .
             Morals, beliefs, values, and the laws of life, are the next thing to be accepted in life. These things are different from the things that have already been learned by everyone. These are things that not everyone agrees on completely, things that separate so many different types of people. It often separates churches, political groups, and other organizations. Many times, different people's perception of what's good and bad, or what's right and wrong,is the deciding factor on friendships, relationships, and how people are classifying into groups. .
             These "Laws of Life" that are accepted by each separate person because of different influences and personal experiences. One person may have one belief that another doesn't simply because of a certain experience . Others may never experience a certain thing, therefore, they may not regard that part of life to be important because it hasn't pertained to them.
             My parents and church were where I learned many of the laws of life. The golden rule, as well as many other lessons that children learn, is one thing that I still cherish and attempt to use daily. .
             Remembering all the things that life has shown me up to this day, one experience stands out in my mind far more than any other.

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