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Law Enforcement

            Ever since I was a young boy there have only been a few careers I have been interested in. That is why when I started thinking about Law Enforcement I knew I may have found my calling. How much a police officer makes is a big deal because police officers do not make much money. Many consider law enforcement officers to be the second most underpaid career, just under teaching. Also high stress goes hand-in-hand with police work. There are multiple things someone who wants to become a police officer needs to know, including general duties, the education needed, and things that will disqualify one's chances of having a career in law enforcement. .
             One needs skills such as good judgment, emotional stability, being physically fit, as well as great driving abilities. You needs at least a two-year degree to even qualify to become a police officer. Classes include Criminal Law, Sociology, Psychology, and dozens of others. After college there is a 6-month police academy before a candidate may start working for the department. Once one applies for a job, the application process can take as long as a year. Some college students are lucky enough to participate in a Cadet Program, which for the most part lets the student ride along with a police officer and actually watch him work. However, the Cadet Program can put the student into hazardous situations just like a real police officer, which is why not many colleges offer this experience.
             A police officer has a number of duties and skills he must perform. He must enforce laws and ordinances activities. Superior officers assign routine assignments usually involving apprehending criminals, preliminary investigations, and even rescuing kittens from trees. When items or people are missing, police officers must watch for and investigate the disappearance. At times they must also maintain order in crowds and administer first aid in emergencies. Average starting income is around $18,000 to $35,000 and after ten years most make $30,000 to $40,000.

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