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Customs and National Security

            One of the real threats to national security is damaging the economic security of the country. Under current law economic security is a state of protection of the national economy of the Republic of Belarus from internal and external conditions, processes and factors that threaten its sustainable development and economic independence. Today, identification, detection, investigation and prevention of crimes in the field of customs are among the priorities as it affects the economic security of our country. And the implementation of the tasks is entrusted to the bodies of financial investigations, internal affairs, customs authorities, which interact with each other, and where appropriate - with the national security, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and others. Unfortunately, today, the state of the interaction of these bodies in the field of prevention and suppression of crime in the sphere of customs should be recognized as not the most effective one. In our opinion, the main reasons for the low efficiency of interaction of customs and other law enforcement agencies in the field of prevention of customs offenses are the following: .
             -Lack of timely exchange of information in the field of foreign trade activities;.
             For example, the lack of important relevant information sometimes leads to the situations when a customs officer has difficulty in carrying out customs control, taking a decision about allowing or forbidding the release of goods under a certain procedure. Customs authorities may also have questions about the legitimacy of this of that international economic activity and so on.
             -Customs Bodies of Republic of Belarus sometimes transmit poorly developed materials inspection, which reduces the formation of the evidence base and the number of bringing to justice the perpetrators of crimes in the area of ​​customs;.
             -Mutually poor knowledge of laws and regulations governing the joint law enforcement resulting in unreasonably allowed considerable time spent on preparing and carrying out activities that reduces the quality of teamwork and hence the number of disclosed crimes in the area of ​​customs;.

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