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Foreign Visitor

             Colombia is the best place in the world because you can visit many places with different weathers, rivers, seas, mountains, plains, deserters, people, lakes, high barren plains, snowfalls. If you want to eat, don't worry, each region has typical food, in Bogotá you can eat ajiaco a kind of chicken soup, in Antioquia you can enjoy a bandeja paisa, in Nariño you can eat cuy, etc. But Bogotá unites all Colombia. Bogotá has nice places which a foreign visitor should visit, for example the museums such as: National museum, Gold museum, Typical customs museum, etc. Many places can show many cultures of our country. This way the Colombian people are able to show that people in our country are so good.
             The most amazing museum is the Gold Museum, this museum is downtown of Bogotá in front of "Santander square- There are many things of indigenous' history. It has many security systems. In this place you can see many foreign visitors. The principal exhibition includes gold things such as jewelry, masks, canoes and all you can imagine. You can find things in ceramic, containers, plates, etc. This ceramics are painted with animals, strange figures that describe the culture. Besides there are tombs, in these tombs you can see food, gold, ceramics because the indigenous believed that if a person died the dead was beginning a long trip.
             The National museum is located downtown near the bulls square, this museum was a terrible prison, and today is such a nice place. There you can find geology, history, anthropology, military history, etc. The antiques' room has chairs, tables, books, boxes, pictures and musical instruments. Geology's room has a petrifing trunk, stones, maps, etc. In the military's rooms you can enjoy old guns, cannons, uniforms, etc.
             You should learn a lot about the cultures, places, typical food, and history in Colombia. For example, Colombia has ten indigenous languages, you can go wherever and you find so many kinds a food, for example tamal, masamorra, almojabanas, lechona, etc.

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