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Concepts of Culture Shock

            "Cultural pattern is a set of combined characteristics and traits that are related to a particular group of people." Each country has its own cultural patterns, but some countries may have corresponding cultural patterns too. People today move frequently searching for jobs or an educational degree. They encounter a lot of problems, conflicts, and misunderstandings with people having new values and beliefs. A foreign visitor to my country, Yemen, should be aware of new values, communication styles, and concept of time in order to adjust more easily and avoid intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings. .
             First, foreign visitor should consider values as the most important part of the culture in my country. Yemen has its own different traditional values. For instance, a person coming from the United States will not find it easy to cope with people in my country. Many values survey explored how people change over time and their social and potential impacts. People in my country love to live in groups that are connected to each other most of the time. For example, I have friends there since I was in elementary school, and until now we are a group of friends living together and studying in the same college. Young people should show respect when talking to old people. For example, using different suffixes before an old person's name like, Mr. or Mrs. My country's members are so cooperative with each other, so a foreign visitor should be also cooperative with them in different circumstances, especially if there is an old person needing help or a child.
             Communication style is the second important thing foreign visitors should care about when visiting Yemen. There are things one can do to avoid cultural misunderstandings such as being mindful of body language, eye contact, and listening. Body language is highly recommended in Yemen because a lot of people use it to express words and feelings inside them.

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