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Culture Shock

             Before I was able to experience Mexico on my own, I did not realize the grand differences of culture and family in the United States and Mexico. Growing up I always had more fun and felt closer to my family in Mexico but I did not know why. The culture of Mexico has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing the world. In this past half of a decade I have learned what a true family is and what real community is. I have noted drastic differences between my family in Mexico and my family in the United States. The cultures I have observed in both nations are at opposite ends of extremes. And most of all, Mexico has changed my way of thinking and my experiences there have molded me into the person I am today.
             The idea of a family in Mexico is very different from the American idea of a family. Families in Mexico have a greater sense of togetherness. The differences have nothing to do with how much a family loves each other, because most families love each other, even if some of the members do not want to admit it. But it has to do with the type of love that is shared in the family. American kids grow up with the idea of their parents holding them down and not being able to do what they want because of their parents. Most American teens do not get along with their parents, or even if they get along with them they are embarrassed of them in some way. For example before a child learns to drive the parents have to drop them off at parties and at the movie theater, and kids rarely want to be seen with their parents, so the kids make their parents drop them off on the corner or anywhere away from where their friends would be. In Mexico it is not that way at all. Kids are brought up with a great sense of family and are shown how to have fun with their family. Kids are not embarrassed of their parents and have a greater respect for them than American kids do. In Mexico there are parties with parents and children together.

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