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State of Shock

            Are you sick, of the same old boring HSC texts? Well I know I sure am. but after reading State of Shock, my opinion of normal lacklustre skool texts" has somewhat changed.
             Eddie murders his girlfriend; the courts let him walk. Racism, violence, sexual abuse, discrimination and the undermining theme of institutionisation all interact to create the powerful production "State of Shock". This play was constructed by Tony Strachan who has over 25 years experience in choreography, theatre direction and script writing.The play, set around 1986, represents ongoing, unresolved issues in today's society. State of Shock is a play not to be missed. .
             It is based on an actual event of where a young aboriginal man, Peter Alwin, was convicted of killing his girlfriend. Then in an unprecedented decision after a lengthy hearing, the court released him on parol. .
             The foundation of this text is based upon the consequences of formidable years of ongoing institutionalisation that has depreciated the traditions of the aboriginal culture. The volatile Eddie, basis his heartfelt violence and antagonism of the degradation of the aboriginal culture cause by the white people, who he consistently refers to as "the white fellas"; as gesture of immense disrespect.
             Strachan presents a desolate image of the impact of institutionalisation, not only from Eddie's individual perspective, but also from the entire aboriginal way of life. Eddie's character is shaped by both political and social institutionalisation produced by government policies. Eddie is in his early 20's and was recently released from imprisonment. His life is patterned by petty crime, acts of violence, poor literacy and unemployment; he feels much angst & has a sense uselessness, as he believes that he is a victim of the "white invasion". His self-destructive impulses threaten his existence. This loss of cultural identity and Eddie's inablitlty to find a purpose in his life results in himself losing control of his actions, driving a knife through Doreen, Eddie's girlfriend of late, killing her at the end of act 1.

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