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Coils, Springs and Shock Absorbers

             Shock absorbers ensure good road-holding and a comfortable ride by slowing the movement of the springs. A good shock absorber is one that is hard enough to prevent the wheel from leaving the ground and supple enough to ensure that the bodywork is not subjected to the force of the various bumps in the road. Shock absorbers and coil springs are such a natural fit as they work together to maintain wheel contact with the road and protect the vehicle body and its occupants from road irregularities, such as speed bumps and uneven road.
             Need of a good spring is inevitable for a good shock absorber. Spring is a device that changes its shape in response to an external force, returning to its original shape when the force is removed. The energy expanded in deforming the spring is stored in it and can be recovered when the spring returns to its original shape. Generally, the amount of the shape change is directly related to the amount of force exerted according to Hook's law; F=kx, where F is force, K is spring constant, x is extension. If too large force is applied, the spring will permanently deformĀ and never return to its original shape. .
             Function of the spring of the shock absorber is absorbing shocks from the road surface, which it compresses and rebound in response to the road surface. The shock absorbers dampen the effects of these oscillating springs; without the shock absorbers the vehicle would continue to 'bounce' due to the repeated compression and rebounding. The combination of good quality shock absorbers and coil springs allows for a smooth ride over uneven surfaces and rough terrain.
             Though spring can be in many shapes, our choice will be coil spring. The material that will be used to build the spring will be spring steel alloy, AISI 6150.Not only the material produces a shock absorber that can withstand high stress, shock and vibration yet the material ensures a good quality of shock absorber in an affordable budget.

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