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            I remember the first fight on the Jerry Springer show in the early 1990's.
             started when a man confessed to his girlfriend or wife that he was cheating on her. I .
             remember the look of shock on her face when she jumped up and punched him in .
             the face on nationwide television. I remember her continue to throw blows to his face .
             as two or three large men rush on stage to break up the fight. This is all I recall of this .
             The day of that fight must have been a tremendous breakthrough for daytime television.
             Leaving viewers shocked and ratings skyrocketing. Capturing the attention of people.
             that were not normally talk show television viewers. Everyone wanted to see what .
             would happen next.
             The topics have gone from "Honey, I have a secret" to " Honey, I have been cheatin on .
             you with my gay lover!". Narrowing in on the shock appeal, leaving viewers stunned and .
             stuck on that channel, bringing ratings higher.
             In looking back on talk shows, such as the Jerry Springer show and the Jenny Jones .
             show, I have realized that these shows all started out pretty much the same. The main .
             goal was to see other people that had problems, and for the host and audience to give.
             quick fix solutions to fix the problem. In looking at the content of these talk shows, I .
             have come to realize that what had once been a way to express you feelings and problems .
             with support from the show's host, has now become the place to hold confrontations, both.
             physical and emotional.
             These talk show have evloved from the innocence of helping people, to a three ring .
             circus, I like to describe the host as the ringmaster and the audience as the croud .
             watching and screaming their cheers. Leaving the guests feeling worthless and as if their.
             problems were not solved.
             I have visited the web sites of some of these talk shows and have come to the .
             conclusion that the Jerry Springer show is nothing but trash. My impression of this show .

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