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Welcome to the Freak Show

             Is everybody ready for the Freak Show! Do you have what it takes to laugh the night away? "Hey everybody! Guess what?" The other servers stop what they"re doing and holler, "What?" "We've got three virgins at this table!" everyone at the table gets silent as their faces turn beat red and everyone points at the guests. This is the kind of humor that you can come to love when see the Freak Show. If you love laughing and having a great night, well who doesn't, you will have a great night. Alternating between original skits and live rock music, which is played on a second stage to facilitate quick costume and set changes, one of the cabaret's trademarks, the show's format offered a fairly wide variety of comedy, music and theater (Ross 1). The three most important criteria for a show of this caliber would be actors, story line, and the music. All three are essential for the success of the show.
             BillWho? The house band starts the night off with the theme song for the cabaret. They play another song following the theme song and now its time for the real show. The first skit is a cute one; it starts out with a guy who is a tooth fairy on training. He doesn't do a very good job impressing the current tooth fairy. It is more or less funny because he is wearing a purple tutu. The next skits are the bee guy, scary beast, weight loss, relationships, puppy love, birthday party, and the concluding Dr. Mystery. Guess who ends the night, non other than BillWho? once again with the theme song. Nobody in the crowd wants the show to end so everyone is yelling and carrying on as much as they could.
             The most important and primary criterion would be the actors. The actors are so important in this show for the mere fact that there aren't many props that they work with so they have to be very precise and convincing with every emotion they make. The show is generally suppose to be funny so you obviously need to hire people that are funny, maybe by their looks or personality.

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