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The Day that Changed My Life

            Everyone has a narrative about their life, and this is my story. My life has changed for the better since I moved to America. I implemented into my life that created amazing, compounding change, and completely shifted the direction and energy of my life. That has totally changed my life, we left everything behind us. My parents quit their perfect jobs and me and my sister left all our friends behind us. It was a really rough situation, moving to a different country, leaving from your family and friends. No one can understand how I felt. I always wanted to live in France, away from Turkey and everyone, although speaking french as my native language. When I was living in Turkey, planning to go French High School. I was really obsessed with French language and France, especially Paris, It was me, It was what I was feeling about my future, then after high school I'd leave the country and going college in France. I always wanted to be a fashion designer since when I was 5. That was my planned future.
             I was studying a lot for the middle school graduation test and offers exams in many subject areas, including history and literature, science and mathematics and foreign languages. The exam covers the material that students learn during 7th and 8th grade. I studied a lot, took lots of art classes, dance classes My goal was being the perfect student and to go the Saint Benoit High School. I was really motivated all my grades were perfect and I was just studying for the exam. That exam was my future. If I do it right, that would be perfect you could do whatever you want, but if you do it bad that would be terrible. There was almost a week to exam day. I was so nervous and I felt not ready. I studied all three days long in exam week then I gave up, just read magazines and other stuff and meditation. When It comes to test day I stressed out. I probably prayed more than a hundred times. Then my mom came to my room and talked to me, that talking session relaxed me and made me feel confident.

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