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The Day My Life Changed Forever

             Who knew it would be the last day I would spend with her. It still feels like a fresh nightmare that just happened last night. But it didn't. It happened over two years ago and I was still struggling with this new reality. I didn't like it. I hated it. How could this be? Why? It wasn't fair! I argued with myself. But all I really heard was a haunting silence waiting on me.
             That morning was a beautiful April morning. Spring was in the air, the birds were chirping. It was going to be a good day because my best friend was getting married and today was her wedding. We were only 20 years old but she knew her marine was the one. I was a bridesmaid and had a busy day ahead of me full of getting my hair and make-up done. Though I was excited, these types of events often stressed me out as I suffered from anxiety.
             "Mom!" I shrieked. "My dress isn't fitting!" I can't believe this is happening. It fit me fine a couple months back. Did I gain weight? Oh no, this is terrible.
             "What is it, Marie?" My mom said as she came rushing in. She noticed I was unable to fully zip up the back of my dress. My mom sighed. "Didn't you go to the fitting a month back so they could make adjustments?".
             "No! I didn't think I needed to! That's beside the point now. I have a wedding to be in and I have to wear this dress! I can't just go put on another dress!" I screamed. My emotions were running high and I was taking my stress out on her. I was thinking the worst, like usual. This is a trait I hate about myself but yet I never have tried to change it.
             After a couple attempts, a few anxiety attacks, and some screaming, my mother finally was able to zip my dress up. I let out a huge sigh of relief. "Thank-you mom! You're super woman." She laughed and said to get on my way to Jessica's wedding.
             I finally made it to Jessica's where we immediately started to get our hair and make-up done.

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