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College Admission- Life Changing Moment

            We are all different and unique, with different goals, visions, and passions that drive us. At some point in life, all of us will set goals for ourselves, each of us, somewhere down the road, will experience a relationship or an event that will leave a mark in our life and change us forever.
             On the Christmas of 1999, the little kid in me woke up early as usual, and raced downstairs to get the first glance of the Christmas tree. The lights glistened and dazzled like a kaleidoscope filled with treasures and delights. A smile filled my face from ear to ear, when I feasted on the sight of all the brightly wrapped presents that lay before me, like sleeping bears waiting to be released from hibernation. I hurried and woke up my parents, brother, and sisters, and began the Christmas routine. We got our stockings, and opened our presents with glee, unaware that what seemed to be one of the best days of the year, would soon take a turn for the worse. .
             After the heat of early morning hustle and unwrapping presents, we began to cool down and start to prepare Christmas dinner. My Grandpa, and sister Betsy's husband would attend. Six o"clock rolled around, and my Grandpa came in bearing gifts for all. We said our hellos and awaited my brother in law Chris. Six thirty came and went, and the family and I began to wonder where Chris was. It wasn't like him to be late, especially on a holiday. After a little more waiting, we phoned his parent's house to find he had left their home an hour ago. Not knowing where he was, we began to worry. .
             Chris's father and brother headed from Rochester to Batavia, to see if they would find him along the way, while my father and sister Betsy headed towards Rochester in search of the same. We had a knock on the door; it was an officer, who was a friend of the family. He broke the news to us that my brother in law, my sister's husband had died in a car accident.

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