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Single-Sex and Coeducational Schools

            I believe single-sex schools are beneficial because there are no distractions in the classroom. More than once, there have been news reports about young girls being sent home because their clothes are deemed unfit for school because they might distract their male peers. Since I was five years old my parents enrolled me in an all girls Catholic school. I grew up never thinking that certain subjects are off the table for women like science. I never worried about thinking what to wear to school, or wearing makeup because there was no one to try to impress. When you lift those "worries" of your mind, you concentrate on what's really important like good grades and paying attention in class. Whenever you get so many women together two things can and will happen: they will form strong friendships that last a lifetime, and they will be ruthless with each other. But despite every nasty moment I lived in single-sex school, I wouldn't change any of it because it helped me be the strong woman I am today. I was never told that I couldn't do something because of my gender and I got to grow up and learn among amazing and talented women who supported each other's success.
             Critical Reading and Analysis of Article A .
             1. Summary.
             The general idea of this article is to show the benefits of single-sex education for women that can promote equality. "While the benefits of single-sex education are fairly small, they tend to be in areas that have historically favored men and therefore represent a potentially effective vehicle for mitigating longstanding gender gaps" (Sax 2009). The article gives evidence of the differences between two types of educational systems: Independent and Catholic, both divided into single-sex and coeducational models. "Simple descriptive comparisons between single-sex and coeducational graduates generally depict single-sex alumnae as slightly more academically oriented, more intellectually confident, more politically engaged, and more likely to prioritize extracurricular involvement in their schools" (Sax 2009).

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