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             I am a seventh grader at Sterling Middle School. Are you tired of being in classes you don't want, or are uncomfortable in? Me too, and that's why I have chosen to write about school, and why I have fun, but still learn. If your parents are paying thousands of dollars year for your education, then you should chose your classes. You should also be eligible to be around people your comfortable with, and not whom other people chose for you. Personally, I don't think that's fair.
             There should be a school where "freedom" of classes should be allowed. Students should be able to choose their teachers and classes. You should be able to have fun and still learn too. If you have classes with teachers you don't like, then you could have an attitude and that could lead to bad grades. They may not try t do work in that and just talk to others and get a bad reputation (detention or in-house), and that could lead to suspension. People deserve better and get a fair chance for good grades and classes.
             Parents pay thousands of dollars a year for your education; we should be able to choose classes! The least that the school can do is let us chose ourselves. If they say its too much work, then they should stop and think its their job to sit in the office and do work. The staff in the school should be able to work harder to give the families a fair half of the deal. Students should be able to be comfortable with their surroundings, (people in their class). If there are other people that other students are not comfortable with in their class it could cause problems. All this just because they don't give the option to chose your classes. In America we are free; free to be with people we like, and things we want to do. Now, just because we"re at Sterling Middle School doesn't mean that all changes or stops. We should get to be free to take wanted classes.
             We should be able to choose our own classes.

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