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The School Uniform Debate

            School Uniforms are found all over the world, Japan, USA and England are a few examples. This is an often-disputed subject, discussed over and over again.
             The pro uniform side feels that uniforms will erase the class difference, difference in religion, improve discipline, improve school standards, it would reduce bullying, uniform will also give a sense of identification, community and pride in schools among pupils. It will help with decreasing violence and theft (even life-threatening situations) among students over designer clothing or expensive sneakers. It will help to prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school and helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school. .
             The negative side thinks that uniforms are too much old school. Old fashioned ideas, which restrain the freedom of speech. Not all students feel comfortable in uniforms. The uniform may not fit a larger or smaller student. Especially shoes and pants. About the classdifference, it will never go away. There will still be Wal-Mart uniforms and Gap uniforms, hand-me-down uniforms and new uniforms. Students will always find ways to express themselves in hair, make-up, jewellery etc. Uniforms denies students their right to personal identity and self-expression. Clearly, both sides have their arguments and both raise legal, ethical, practical, and moral questions. And while we commend those schools with uniforms, we respect and understand those without uniforms. We respect the right of the school community to make decisions, which they believe to be in the best interest of their children.
             In England, uniforms are common, and somewhat preferred to casual clothing, both by students and parents. Also there are rules about how one wear the uniform. For example, a skirt should have a certain length. Not to short that is. Some schools, but not all, used to have problems with the girls. They want to wear pants in the winter, which was unacceptable for some schools, with old school traditions and rules.

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