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School Uniforms

            Public Schools Should Require Uniforms.
             More and more schools are making uniforms mandatory for students. Uniforms can help students in different ways. The children who cannot afford name brand clothes would not have to worry about getting picked on. Other students would be able to concentrate on their studies and not what everyone else is wearing. Uniforms can help decrease the discipline problems such as fights and theft. Last but not least, parents can save money by not buying high-priced clothing and put that money back into education. .
             High-priced or name brand clothing are clothes that are popular now. For example brands like Tommy Gear, Timberland, Addis, and Nike are the popular names that most kids are wearing. These brands are outrageously high priced because of the name and the popularity that the students give them. The more the students buy these clothing the higher the prices and the more kids are going to want them. This clothing is no different from the clothing sold at Wal-Mart, but the students feel they must have them because of the brand name and peer pressure. All clothes cover your body the same. Students feel that they have to have expensive clothes instead of cheap ones.
             One of the first public school districts to introduce a mandatory uniform policy was .
             Long Beach, California. The policy came into effect in the 1994 dress code policy. Just a year after the schools adopted the uniform policy, fights and theft went down 80 percent and sexual offenses dropped 74 percent. Since then 176 schools, in the western United States, have adopted the uniform policy (PBS1). .
             Katie Lane wrote an article entitled "School Uniforms: Too Expensive." She agrees that uniforms are good, but she states that they can be expensive. In her research she has found that some schools have a second-hand stock of uniforms to help those who are having trouble purchasing uniforms.

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