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School Uniforms

            Schools are a place for learning, laughing, and having fun. When the founders of the United States decided to have a system of public schools these qualities made up their idea of the perfect school. Somewhere along the way, though, the schools got off track and lost site of the qualities they should base their existence on. Their objective when public schools were founded was to educate a country, now this idea has fallen to the wayside to just keeping unwanted kids out of the streets. Many students want to learn and have an education, but can never achieve their full potential due to disruptiveness and violence. The solution to the problems is to institute school uniform policies at schools across the nation.
             Admittedly, communities may not support the program and deem it as a restriction to creativity and uniqueness. To be affective all programs instituted by schools must have support and involvement from the community, but if it does not have the needed support it is sure to be a failure and of no use. Some say that schools should focus on problems in a different way "Since school violence mirrors that of society at large, schools should seriously confront and discuss issues of racism and cultural conflict" (Siegel).
             However, uniforms have been proven to be successful at reducing violence. Violence is one of the most serious issues facing today's schools and if a way has been found to significantly lower the level of violence at schools it should be put into effect across the country. Many school districts have already implemented a policy and say the entire atmosphere of the school has dramatically improved. Most of the districts that have implemented a policy whole heartedly believe it works "The superintendent of the Long Beach School District claims that the district's self generated data, showing decreases in certain forms of student misconduct is proof that uniforms work" (Siegel).

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