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The Benefits of School Uniforms

             School uniforms would help to decrease violence in schools. It would also keep students from being judged by how expensive their clothing is. Although some believe that school uniforms violate student's freedom of expression, school uniforms would decrease violence and instill a sense of community. Uniforms in schools would also limit the need for administrators and teachers to determine whether clothing is too revealing.
             Violence in schools is already a big problem. Anything that could help decrease this should be welcomed. If students were made to wear uniforms this would prevent gang colors from being worn. This would also help to stop gang related fights in schools. Theft in schools would also decrease. Students would all be wearing the same clothing so there would be nothing for students to be tempted to steal to gain better clothing.
             Teachers and administrators would have a burden lifted off of them as well. The school faculty would no longer be responsible for determining whether shorts and skirts are too short. Students would be fitted and measured for their uniforms. This would keep them from being ordered in the wrong sizes. Uniforms being too tight or baggy would be eliminated. .
             School uniforms would make distraction less for students. Students would be able to recognize who does not belong on campus. This would make it very difficult for anyone to sneak into the schools. There is also a problem with students being judged by what kind of clothing they wear. This would no longer be a problem. The less fortunate children who cannot afford expensive clothing would not be teased or made fun of anymore. If the student's parents could not afford the uniforms then financial assistance would be provided. This might help to keep groups from being formed and judgments from being passed.
             Discipline among students is also a big issue. School uniforms would help students learn to follow the rules.

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