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School Uniforms and Dressing for Success

            Thirty or forty years ago school clothing was not as big an issue as it is today. While some students argue that uniforms strip their individuality, some parents and academic professionals believe that school uniforms benefit public schools tremendously by solving some of the behavioral problems and creating a better learning environment. Every parent wants their child to grow academically. By enforcing uniform standards, students will distinguish better between "Play time" and "Learning time." [THESIS] Although everyday clothes allow students to create their individuality, all students in public schools (K-12) should be required to wear uniforms because school uniforms would save parents money, create social equalization, and help curb school violence.
             Student individuality is the most frequent objection to school uniforms. It is interesting that the people that argue about the individuality are not that concerned with more controversial problems. For example, if a student comes to school expressing his or her opinion by wearing a shirt opposing (or supporting) same sex-marriage, he or she could cause a major distraction and even some violence. Students do not find such statements as much disturbing as parents and school personnel. Clothing creates confidence, creativity, diversity, and expresses religious identity. Too much clothing may proclaim mystery, while too little of it may encourage eroticism. On some occasions, a person can be evaluated positively or negatively by his or her clothing and physical appearance. A person also can be evaluated and judged based on attire revealing moral attitudes and mental ability. Uniforms show unity in organizations, like those of nurses, doctors, military officials, and pilots; that same unity could be established in public schools by requiring uniforms. True self-expression cannot be confined to one's wardrobe. By wearing uniforms students learn how to express themselves through their actions, ideas, and creativity.

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