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School Uniforms - The Pride of Every Student

            Should school uniforms be made mandatory in schools? The question on whether to adopt a school uniform policy or not has remains controversial over years. Different schools have expressed varying opinions regarding the adoption of a school uniform policy. Despite this debate, the prevalence of uniforms in public schools keeps increasing in the United States. Parents and school administrators exert efforts to make the school environment safer. Due to the believed that the same kind of dressing in schools makes schools more orderly, and discipline, President Clinton and the Department of Education encouraged schools to adopt the uniform policy (Mitchell 1996). According to the US Department of Education, between 2003 and 2012, the percentage of public schools requiring students to wear uniforms increased from 13 to 19 percent (Roberts et al. 2014). Proponents of school uniforms believe that school uniform help create a positive school environment. Bruchey in 1998 reported that a sense of order, uniformity, and impressive school environment are essential elements in a successful educational environment.
             Opponents of school uniforms claim that the adoption of a school uniform policy is not a good idea because some parents are financially unstable to buy uniforms. Also, they argue that uniforms are annoying and depressing, and schools can experience a drop in enrollment because of a school uniform mandate. Safety, discipline, and an orderly learning environment are requirements for a good school. A school uniform mandate in schools can provide these needs. The advantage of school uniforms far outweighs the disadvantages. Drivers turn to drive with caution when they spot students in their uniforms, thereby, reducing the chances for students' involvement in accidents. Furthermore, school uniforms portray a high standard of responsibility and organization of students in schools. In addition, schools require students to wear school uniforms because school uniforms make everyone look equal.

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